Curt Cohiba’s debut project “The Loophole, Vol. 1” is an artful clash of Blues, Jazz, and Hip Hop filled with systematic triumph, black excellence, pain, life gems, and nostalgic millennial stories.

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Below are some of the producers, engineers, and artists behind the album.

Curt Cohiba: Executive Producer of “The Loophole Vol. 1” Cohiba also produced songs Finagle and Clearly. They were his first 2 instrumentals ever.


Jay-EL: Jay-El mixed & mastered every song on “The Loophole, Vol. 1” and met Curt before he even smoked a Cohiba. Jay-EL saw talent in Curt and took the Pocket Shirt Player under his wing when he was just 19 years old.



Childhood brother Goo Kalliq (Right of photo) engineered tracks “Illuminate” and “Lisa” on “The Loophole, Vol. 1 and also many of Cohiba’s earlier work prior to the album release. Goo also was a vocal coach for the album. Goo introduced Cohiba to becoming his own engineer.


RIP 1: Rip produced Illuminate, 2000 & II,  and Commencement. A total of 4 tracks on “The Loophole, Vol. 1” Rumor has it Curt Cohiba has never even officially met Rip 1 in person. However, his jazzy hip-hop soul production of “Commencement” was the true birth of “Curt Cohiba”



DJ Phil of TEKLIFE: DJ Phil basically taught Cohiba the ins and outs of making beats. Phil produced Novel, Mastery, Vindication and gave Cohiba training wheels on Finagle having  his hand in 4 songs on “The Loophole, Vol. 1”


SABA: The legendary Westside bound boy band group Pivot all played a Pivotal role in the album in one way or another. SABA engineered “Canvas” (Sail Your Soul) which was produced by his brother Joseph Chilliams at his home studio in the midst of making the classic album “Bucket List Project.”


Joseph Chilliams: Joseph Chilliams produced the most unique sound on “The Loophole, Vol. 1” Canvas, (Sail Your Soul.) It is such an intricate instrumental, it was nearly impossible for Jackpot the Umbrella Band to mimic live. His highly anticipated album “Henry Church” is on the way.


Dr. Charm: Charm’s voice is heard all over the album speaking multiple languages. She is speaking Spanish on “Novel” and sounds like she is from London on Illuminate. She is the tag line voice in all songs telling you all to “Get Under The Umbrella, or get caught in the rain”


Jimmie Smooda: Jimmie Smooda was a producer of the album. He didn’t rap a verse or make a beat, but there is not too many days that go by that Cohiba dosen’t give Jimmie a call to help arange songs, go over ideas, set lists, or any move of that nature. Jimmie is V.P. of L.O.T.T.O. ENT


MFn Melo: Childhood brother and OG Pivoter, Melo dropped a verse on “Gracious.” He definitely tried to kill Cohiba on his own album. Iron sharpens Iron. His highly anticipated album “Melodramatics” is on the way.


David Salako: Dave engineered “Commencement” and “6,000 Years”
Cohiba and Salako go way back to college days and still work side by side to this day on projects.


SMB Snacks: (Green Bike) Snacks was featured on 6,000 Years being the youngest on “The Loophole, Vol.1.”  He added a newer element to the project. His album Mark My Words is on the way and is slowly making a name for himself around Chicago.


Bugs is a childhood brother of Curt. When you hear Cohiba say or post “Peace and Blessings to the Brothers Upstairs” he is referring to a group of friends who rap in the attic. MFn Melo and Jimmie Smooda were both upstairs making music among other brothers upstairs. Bugs produced Lisa and engineered 2000 & II on “The Loophole, Vol. 1.” He was one of Cohiba’s first engineers making music together since High School.


Apollo Young: Las Vegas based rapper and producer linked up with Cohiba randoml last year. He produced 6,000 years on “The Loophole, Vol. 1” giving the album an acoustic, trip-hop sound that stood out on the project in a good way.


D.R.A.A.: Cohiba’s mother’s best friend D.R.A.A. and Curt are going to see each other around the holidays whether they like it or not. They are brothers. D.R.A.A. closed out the album as the only live musician to record on the project. He played electric guitar on “Doors Closing.” He recently just played bass out the House of Blues, Chicago with Jackpot the Umbrella Band.