Snacks of S.M.B. (Self Made Boys) is the newest member of L.O.T.T.O. Entertainment but has been around the movement since the beginning of its existence. Knowing Curt Cohiba since he was in the 1st grade and living only 2 blocks away from the Jackpot Genius Jimmie Smooda, The Umbrella is family to the 19 year old artist. Growing up in Maywood, Illinois raised by a God fearing woman, a hardworking father and two older brothers that guided him through life. Snacks has a mature yet raw poetic angle that can reach the youth but also an older crowd. He vividly constructs words that depict his early struggles from childhood to the transition period of being a young man. A man he has become, but yet Snacks constantly is proving himself day in and day out just like the rest of us in the game called life. He is learning the ends and outs of the game while teaching loyalty, honor, and respect at the same time. Virtues that some say this generation lacks.