The Jackpot Genius of the group is Jimmie Smooda (Center stage in photo). Jimmie was born and raised in Maywood, IL. He and Curt went to the same grammar school together and they have always had a competitive friendship since playing basketball in Chicago-land alley ways.  Smooda is known for going way over people’s heads with his lyrical ability. Often times friends would call him 3 weeks later after one of his punch lines just to say “I get it now, that was too dope.”

Smooda holds his thoughts for no one which means he holds his tongue for no one. He tells it exactly how it is whether it hurts or not. He is an artist that is utterly true to himself and his craft. He supplies wisdom that he gained from his big brothers and his environment. He won’t fold by any means. Jimmie Smooda is definitely a concrete professor, you probably could learn a thing or two from him.