Concordia Professor and Leader of Yale Equity Efforts Marquita Taylor, (Ph.D.)
   Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Leadership for the Advancement of Learning & Service in Higher Education
Certificate Recipient, Race & Equity
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Business Administration and Management, General
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Business Administration and Management, Political Science

Concordia Professor, Dr. Marquita Taylor is a living testament of excellence, grit, purpose, and resilience. She wakes up with a trail blazing mission to inspire women and girls around the world to pursue higher education while building non-cognitive, entrepreneurial leadership.

Hailing from an impoverished area in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dr. Taylor is a rose growing through concrete. She overcame the adversity of her environment with will, consistency and a loving support system at home.

Dr. Marquita Taylor: Founder of “The Woman Doctor”

“I had great parents, one thing they always instilled was the importance of education. Growing up I didn’t know we were poor. But I remembers walking home from school passing drug dealers, I once saw someone get killed. My parents found a way. I didn’t know I would be at an Ivy League School.”

The odds are against her not only as woman, but as an educated woman of color in America. The Woman Doctor encourages people daily that they are enough. In a society where the dollar rules, she believes her craft, brilliance and excellence makes her wealthy in abundance.

Professor Taylor is all too familiar with the word sacrifice.Before I became a professor, I told schools I’d work for free.” The law of returns is how she received all her blessings back in abundance. She dedicated hours and hours of community service confident that her dream of enlightening others professionally would come to fruition. With a clear vision of her purpose, she stated that she balanced multiple jobs, philanthropy and her studies. “I went to school and worked 4 or 5 jobs. It was a test of grit.”

The Woman Doctor was honored at “The Chicago 300 Black Women in White” event in the fall of 2017. This event celebrates African American Women in the Chicago area celebrating women of color and all their extraordinary accomplishments. She stated that not only does she have to overcome obstacles as a woman, but even more so as an educated woman of color. It is a responsibility for America to understand the power and significance of educated women. “Sew into our black women. When you educate our women, you educate the nation.”

Dr. Taylor also founded a mentorship program serving women currently enrolled in a degree granting program entitled “The Woman Doctor (U)niversity.” The purpose of this program is to allocate support in the capacity building of its participants and the fostering of non-cognitive skills leading toward successful degree attainment.

Dr. Taylor’s words of wisdom for the New Year

Her efforts to reach her goals and to continue to strive for greatness was not just for her own benefit. “My success is a blessing but it is not all for me. I was selected by God to do this work and my purpose has always been bigger than me.”

Moving forward into a new chapter and fresh start of the year, her mindset of progression is something everyone can learn from. One may have to suffer on their journey to greatness. However, that pain is temporary. Sacrifice and hard work pays off. “The body and mind heals itself if you give it time.” She inspires women to manifest their own destiny and get it done regardless if they say yes or no.”


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Professor Marquita Taylor, (P.h.D.): Purpose, Resilience and Legacy of The Woman Doctor