“If GOD gave us this Earth, you’d think she’d expect us to treat it right….or nah?”

“bottle water says ‘contains calcium chloride’… but I’m not swimming.”

These are just two excerpts from poet, philanthropist, entrepreneur and activist REAL T@LK. One might say a professor from Princeton could have his students write a dissertation on the ideologies of the two statements above.

REAL T@LK’S anthology entitled “(She Calls Me) Mr. Write” is a genius reflection of black progression, wisdom, love and could also be used to teach economic sustainability.

He uses clever words through the art of poetry to serve as a voice of some of the common inner thoughts  black men and women have in America. He also makes it easy for people who are trying to understand the growth within the hidden struggles of being black in America more tangible by painting a lyrical picture that is humanistic to all.


The book is 149 pages of stories, short poems, phrases, dialogues and motivational quotes. It is an amazing way to spread peace while reflecting on self identity of a culture while awakening the people in it. Just like it’s cover….after you read it you will feel growth.





“(She Calls Me) Mr. Write”: A Genius Anthology of Black Reflection and Wisdom by REAL T@LK
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