Black Quarterback feat. Kellog prod.  by Curt Cohiba


Curt Cohiba is known for his subliminal controversial music that is usually embedded in a live nostalgic sound. His agenda is so embedded  that he attracts a diverse following. Since Commencement, his first single arrived in stores, it was clear that he was an advocate for young people of color through education and art. He is taking a picture getting arrested in front of Chicago Public Library with a cap and gown on. (SEE BELOW)

This time around Cohiba isn’t so subliminal. His new single “Black Quarterback” featuring Kellogg on saxophone is direct. “The world don’t like Black Quarterbacks.”

Cohiba stated, “The Quarterback position is the most prestigious position to have in American sports. Since the beginning of sports Black Quarterbacks have arguably been under a microscope more than any other form of athlete.”

Cohiba compares black men who run their own businesses, families and makes tough day to day decisions to Black Quarterbacks while metaphorically paying tribute to Colin Kapernick and the NFL protest.

But the blogs were not feeling Cohiba’s new controversial song.

One of the blogs reviewed: “..almost sounds like a podcast of a poet. almost no beat and hard to define as a hip hop tune. european here, so football means some diff here, and doesn’t mean anything culturally to me. Best”

However, the song has been out for two weeks and it is Cohiba’s most played song on Apple Music. Everyday people who struggle, hustle, fight for freedom and represent the hardworking gritty class that America seems to neglect…..LOVE THE SONG!

You be the judge.

It’s not about disrespecting a flag. It’s about shedding light on the changes that need to be made in a peaceful way.






Black Quarterback: Why 25 Blogs Refused Curt Cohiba’s Top Song on Apple Music
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